FAQ - Question and Answers about Musicpleer

What connection do I need to use Musicpleer?
Musicpleer can use any connection! Mobile broadband, ADSL, cable modem... We recommend 1M connection or faster, however you can use Musicpleer also in 384 kbps speed or even lower (when on slow networks, just take your time to download all website resources).

How to download mp3 files with Musicpleer?
It's quite easy, visit our homepage, type in your searched title or filename into the input field on top of the page. Hit the search icon next to it and you will get a list with results for your search.

The Search is not working what can i do?
At first check your internet connection if you lost it while browsing Musicpleer you can't receive any search results.
If your internet connection is stable refresh the page one time and try again. If the search still not working please inform our admins via the contact form.

What to do if i get an error everytime i click download?
Please send us the error code, your device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) and the name of your internet browser via our contact contact form.

I have an idea, how i share it?
Just write us your idea in detail via our contact form.

Why I should subscribe to Musicpleer?
Musicpleer is financed by advertisings. That's the only way to offer our service for free. If you want to unsubscribe our notifications please use this link to find the manual for your browser.

What format Musicpleer use and how music is converted?
All downloads are converted from the best possible MPEG-4 video quality to 196kbps MPEG-3(mp3) format. If you download a file as MPEG-4(mp4)/video, we don't convert anything.

Is Musicpleer legal?
Musicpleer is build for everybody, from large businesses to individuals, who is interested in mp3 files. Our platform allowed its users to search for mp3 files around the web. Musicpleer and search services of this kind have important and substantial non-infringing uses.